The weeks ahead

Hi everyone.

Well, thanks to the help of some great people, I’ve got some bugs worked out on the site here.

So here’s what the next few weeks looks like as far as I can tell from here.

Going to continue getting painful injections into my upper back (lidocaine,ropivcaine), and following afterward with physical therapy who will supposedly use some sort of machine on that area of my back to break up scar tissue.

The doctor doing the procedure said he could barely get the small needle into my muscle, meaning severe inflammation and scar tissue. I first got six shots, then afterward could only handle two.

My mother, who had a fall and broke her hip, will be recovering up here. This means I’ve got to help her every day with getting things in the house, shopping for her, repairing anything that comes up, keeping her company, etc.

Sometime soon the test procedures on my lower back will be approved, and I’ll have another medial branch facet block. Very painful. Also still waiting after 3 months for approval of my sacrophilliac injection.

Meanwhile, I’m experiencing so much pain in the mornings I can barely tolerate it. The only thing that gets me thru it is my medication and cannabis. Without them I wouldn’t be able to sustain my life.

Also, my landlord is returning soon. She’s been gone since April, and it’s been a welcome break. She is now 80ish years of age and will require more and more help with things.

My grandmother, 98 years of age, has just cured herself of an infection and liquid in her lungs, and is doing fine.

So, dear subscribers, stay tuned, because, if we know anything we know that everything is subject to change according to the Will of Providence. I will keep you updated.



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