The plan so far

The plan so far.

Saw the pain doctor today. My 2nd medial branch facet block has been approved and scheduled for late August. This is a very painful and involved process which takes place in a hospital operating room. Quite difficult and uncomfortable. These will be blocks at L3,L4, and L5 on the left side of the lower lumbar.

My thoracic area… I’ve been getting injections of lidocaine into my upper back for 3 weeks now. The next injections will be followed with physical therapy the next day, where they will use some type of machinery on me to break up scar tissue in my upper back.

My mother, who fell and broke her hip last month, has required me to help her daily. Thankfully I don’t live too far away so I’m able to do this. She’s still on a walker and need help with lots of stuff on a daily basis, plus, the physical therapist pretty much demanded someone help her with things daily, and I’m the only one here to help.

Fixed the main sending router at the farm today. Was easy. Soft reboot, simple. Works now so my mom can get online at her house.

My landlord is returning soon from her 4 month treatment in the city, and is arranging for house cleaners to come here. The woman doesn’t know English and I’m trying to give detailed instructions, the only way to get out here. She has no clue how remote we are I don’t think…..wanted an ‘address’ but… you need more than that to find our property, knowing the address will bring you to a mailbox in the middle of nowhere.

My back pain has been extremely intense, unmanageable and at times unbearable.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my last post and read the whole thing. I hope you are well and stay tuned for the next post !


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