Some links, some thoughts

Welcome back !

Wanted to share some links with you about cannabis.

Cannabis has helped me for years to deal with my chronic pain and depression, and also whenever I get nauseous.

The links above show some interesting facts.

Today I had another diagnostic surgical procedure done on my lower back (lumbar). Three injections. It was quite painful and difficult to go through. This was the third test I’ve done, as my insurance demands them before I am eligible to apply for the real procedure. This one took a few months to get approved and scheduled all told.

I’m still on a extremely reduced dosage of opioids, and it’s still causing problems. However I am able to use cannabis for now, and cannabis was the only thing that allowed me to taper off my original opioid dose to the current one. Helped so much.

So, give a hand to cannabis, for helping my life and countless others’ !


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