Latest appointment, immediate future, and looking ahead

Hi folks.

So I had an appointment on Friday.

Couldn’t do the Lidocaine injections because they had none, rescheduled for next week.

Also next week is my sacroiliac injections, which I’m nervous about.

They took 3.5 months to get approved and the relief I’ll get is anywhere from 2 days to a few months. So what happens when it wears off ? I wait another 3.5 months to get another ? Do I get pain relief during this time ? I doubt it. Their plan is to wean me off everything I’m on once the various and seemingly unending procedures are successful. Yikes. Then when relapse hits I’ll have none !

So they will remove fluid from my sacroiliac joint and then inject steroids and dye. The dye I’m worried about, as I’ve had reactions to it before. The whole thing sounds extremely unpleasant and I’m having a hard time going ahead with it. However I will, because I have no choice.

We’ve also applied for a radio frequency ablation on my left lumbar, 3 of them. That’s going to be painful and difficult.

All this and financial ruin to boot. Going to be a really hard month, this September 2017.

So thank you for all your well-wishes and I’ll post more after all this is taken care of.



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