New stuff and new worries

Hello folks.

First of all, let me share with you my two new possessions I recently got.

Here’s a new water pipe:

My new bong !

For those days when you want to combust


So that’s been fun to use ……….. and here’s another thing I recently got :

My new phone!

Samsung Galaxy S5 g900

Yes !

Loving both of these new toys.

Anyway, here’s the deal.

My doctors are waiting for me to schedule a sacroiliac joint injection on both sides.

I can’t bring myself to make the appointment.

The pain and invasive nature of this procedure is probably off the charts. Not to mention what might happen to me afterwards.

I live alone and cannot risk being temporarily unable to move. Plus, I’ve had problems with this type of procedure before.

Their idea is to take a very long needle and insert it into the middle of the joint, remove some fluid, insert some dye and steroids.

Problem I’ve had before with a similar idea was done on my spinal column years ago, and the hole they made didn’t scar up, leading to the loss of much spinal fluid and incredible pain which involved a trip to the ER.

Coming soon will be the ablation surgery, where they fry my nerve with microwaves (“radiofrequency”). That promises to also be extremely painful and the relief is temporary.

See, all these procedures provide ‘between 3 days and 3 months’ of relief. So that means I’ll have to keep getting these for LIFE.

I’m in severe pain otherwise I wouldn’t even consider it. However the pain and possible complications have me locked into inaction.

Would you do it ? Most of my friends say they wouldn’t. I may have no choice soon as it’s going to be the only pain relief they offer me.

Yes, they want to lower my medication dosage even lower. This opioid madness in the United States has gotten completely out of control. Even my cannabis activist groups are busy railing against opioids and it doesn’t look like it’ll stop.

It’s a terrible situation.

So, more later, friends. Keep me in your hearts and minds for you are my strength.



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