Some videos for Wednesday

Hello everyone,

I’ve taken some videos for my friend Wednesday that I thought I’d share with you all.

Before I do, I’ll just briefly mention my status:

Walking any distance is extremely painful, and standing up for any length of time is torture. However, I’ve been attempting to walk every day as far as I can to try to get better or at least not get worse. Ever since my pain medication dosage was cut, it’s been almost impossible to care for myself. Shopping become unbearable and I have to exit with whatever I managed to get before I’m done.

Nonetheless, after a bout of depression regarding my situation lately, I am doing somewhat fine. I’ve got a friend visiting who’s willing to help (he’s the one stacking firewood in the video), and it’s great to have a good and trusted friend visit me and give me some help.

So !

Here are the videos……… one shows my little cabin. Just a peek into the world of the Colonel.

These videos were originally made for my friend Wednesday, now released for you all to enjoy. Hope you liked them.

More soon.



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