Progess / Loss

Hello everyone !

I’ve got to update the site and my bio to include what has happened to me over the past year.

Since getting my dose of pain relief cut, life has been barely manageable.

So the latest news is…… surgical procedures have been approved so now I just have to get brave enough to do them.

One is a sacroiliac operation on both joints. That one actually has me the most concerned.

The other is a radio frequency ablation on 3 spots on left side.

These procedures are incredibly painful and the relief is temporary.

It’s actually taken almost a year of testing and applying and re-applying to get this ablation approved. The tests were horrible, and the ablation itself, as I’ve read, is even worse.

My edema has returned and it’s giving me quite the hard time. A good walk cures it for a day but walking is difficult due to my back and hip pain.

As the weeks go by, my pain gets slowly worse. A chain reaction of events causes many of my muscles to seize and let me tell you it’s horrible.

ANYWAY as reported on my other site, The Vapor Ninja, I’ve got some new equipment to show you all !

Here’s some pics.

That pic there is my new oil rig. Note the small airspace for compact vapor. A win !!

That there is my honey straw that I recently got — works great.

So, yes, things could be worse. The cannabis and cannabis concentrates and the cannabis salves help me manage my pain and stress.

I’m fortunate to be able to use cannabis. That wasn’t easy. However, for now, all of my doctors want me to use cannabis, so I am so far able to !

I appreciate your expenditure of time in reading my blog. Hopefully some good news comes about. I’ll be sure to let you know.

All the best !



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