Spring Time: 2018

Hello everyone –

Above is my latest Zong waterpipe that I got from a friend for my recent birthday.

Well times have been a bit tough for the ol’ Colonel physically and mentally.

The Situation

Not many external problems from people at the moment thankfully or I’d really be stressed.

Many of you know my dosage of pain medication was whittled down to my current amount last year.

However some of you may be new to the blog and not have an understanding.

I was taken from 210mg of morphine sulfate per day for 13 years down to 60mg per day. I and my friends have taken account of how my life has changed since the cut, and the result is a devastating situation of disability and suffering, which also puts me under undue mental stress.

You can learn of my injuries by following the menu (on top).

New Problems

I am having severe difficulty with the muscles in my legs and neck – which rival the lower back pain at times for what’s the mot painful.

I have a feeling we’re missing some kind of muscle problem.

I have extreme difficulty walking due to leg and lower back pain. I used to LOVE long walks and hikes, I would do it all day. Now I can barely make it 2 blocks at a time.

Also had severe calf spasms which seem to be quelled by magnesium orotate supplement, which was suggested by my pain management doctor.

This nonsense war on pain patients is being passed off as a fix to the opioid crisis, which it is not.

I encourage you to read Pain News Network and get informed of the issues patients and doctors face along with ACCURATE data regarding the ‘crisis’.

The Future

My future doesn’t look so good, with the opioid war raging on and my pain causing inability to do normal tasks increases.

I just turned 49 – not old by any means – but this disability causes me to live like a 90 yr old.

Thankfully however I get some medication and assistance so I can spend days trying to heal my body thru walking and stretching and meditation.

I appreciate you reading this and encourage you to investigate the site.



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