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Yes folks, this is an image of my laptop keyboard as it was in December.

It’s more damaged now, and yes, it’s a horrible sight to see !

I haven’t written here in 2 months due to succumbing to intense pain, then deep depression.

Recently, from mid-May to June, my lower back was spasm’d and completely locked up.

Unable to stand up and barely able to walk, very slowly, with a cane.

Since that episode I’ve returned to my ‘normal’ pain levels which are pretty agonizing.

So I feel I’m giving up, I’m at the end of my rope. Exhausted and word down by the pain I’ve been the last 2 years.

Yes I was damaged long ago but the pain meds were lowered by a large dosage and since hen life has been very hard..

That last adjustment was made 1.5 yrs ago and I’m still in more pain, although nurses and doctors alike tell me ‘A little is the same as a lot”.

Nice logic there.

I’m broke, depressed, hungry, and am giving up.

I just can’t do my life anymore.


Let’s lighten up the mood with some mages and stuff.

He he.

Been lookin’ for that one.

I suppose that one won’t bother most meat-eaters, I don’t know.

Well, here’s some more –

Yeah, seriously.

Epic one !

So true — !!

Oh and um

Happy Father’s Day 2018

Tomorrow !

I will be spending time with my Father tomorrow, bless that man.

I say call all the fathers you know !

It’s a great excuse to stay in touch !

How many friends of yours are fathers ? Hopefully fathers are friends – but can never truly be like the rest –

Today I have to figure out how to get my Dad’s present !! Wish me luck !!

He’s already warned me, I have to dress nice, be clean, and in a great mood. Oh joy.

More ASAP. Peace.. 


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