The Colonel Gets Popped and Cut


Welcome back, friends, enemies, frenemies, and visitors !

Well it’s been a damn hard 2 months, really hard.

Rather than explain the past two months, I’ll focus on the last 2 weeks or so, beginning with your dear Colonel getting arrested.

Since that time I’ve received notice that they are pressing charged for DUID, driving with drugs, 23152(f)VC.

I’m assuming this is based on the meds I take to control my pain.

Picture above show where a lot of my damage is, and as well there is osteoarthritis and damaged nerve with some disc protrusion.

The Colonel gets cut

My doctor recently told me my clinic has decided to stop administering / prescribing opiates, and carisoprodol.

They’ve got a new get-tough attitude and have joined the rest of the clinics in this area in banning pain relief in any form.

They are getting rid of their pain management doctors as well. So there will be none in the area. That means not even surgical procedures are available.

This opiod hysteria has gone way too far.

It seems the chronic pain patients don’t get much airtime in the news, because the fit and healthy are blissfully unaware this is happening. It’s happening all over the US, and California as usual, is leading the way in arresting doctors.

The near and far future

If I DO lose my license for some time, I’ll have to stay somewhere else, somewhere close to shopping and  a bus so I can see docs and get to pharmacy.

It may seem hard for some of you to understand why that’s a problem for me.

I’ve lived in seriously wooded areas for 31 years. To go from this to some city apartment would be traumatic.

I’m in great need of LOTS of pure water daily, fresh clean air for my COPD, and low population for my anxiety.stress levels.

I’m disabled and cant walk far. I also can’t stand up for very long. Nor can I lift.

I’m a sick disabled man and the doctors say I will get worse.

Not sure what the future holds.

More bad news every day – My strange doctor duck

To make matters worse, the doctor read only the summary from the radiologist, not the diagnosis of my pain specialist. Radiologists are not doctors. So I’m going to have to go to Medical Records and get his diagnosis and notes, to show my own doctor what’s already available to her. Force her to read it.

Then, as my doctor was literally stepping out of the exam room, she says I have a kidney infection.

I said what, how’s that ?

She told me I have to take better care of myself.

That was that, no treatment, no advice except to drink mass amounts of water daily, no meds, and a follow-up a month away.

So much for ‘modern medicine’, I feel at this point the medical community has given up on ideas like compassion, caring, and relieving pain.

That’s all from the ridges of the Mendocino Coast for now –

Take care of yourself, and try not to depend on modern doctors much.

Until next time , bye !


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