Alright. It’s come time to describe to you all what happened to me, and why I have pain, for a few reasons.

One being, so you can know me better and perhaps understand the posts a little better.

Two being, I have grown quite tired of typing this out innumerable times for people on chat room clients, or chat forums, or whichever way they’re using to communicate with me, I’ve repeated myself way too many times. So many, in fact, that I find difficulty in writing this.

It was December of 1993. I was living in a teepee in the mountains of Northern California. I had hurt my neck days previously, and a man overheard my complaining of pain to a friend. He offered to help me as he did ‘body work’. So I went to his ‘shop’.

As I laid on the massage table and relaxed, he got above me. As he positioned himself just right, he leaned over slightly towards my ear and said,

“You’re going to hate me for the rest of your life”.

With that, he hyper-extended my lower back muscles, and effectively displaced 2 discs, namely L4 and L5. He also managed to partly sever my erector tendon structure internally.

For 2 years afterward, I was unable to stand up all the way erect, and unable to walk more than 2 blocks, with assistance. I was wreaked in pain, and was only 23 years old.

After a few years I was back on my feet. I began doing thing again, took a boat from Eureka, California to British Columbia, Canada in 1997. Also went to a national Rainbow Gathering in Oregon that year, an incredible experience. I was also fortunate enough to spend a lot of time with my Spiritual Master (“Guru”) that year.

Then came May of 1998, where a car struck mine on the highway, landing right into my driver door. This effectively ruptured my disc and sent pieces flying into various places, one of which was the sciatic nerve root (S1), which controls the left leg.

Again I was in agony. This time was in severe pain and couldn’t walk right for about a year.

Then by 2002, I had gone through so much pain and horrible testing, I was losing my mind. I was literally going suicidal not being able to live with the pain any longer. So it was decided that I be put on Morphine therapy, as well as my muscle relaxers for the tendons which I already had, and nerve pain blockers for the sciatica (an evil pain by anyone’s accounts). This along with excercise and yoga made my life bearable, manageable.

I still live with chronic pain every day. My latest (2017) x-rays and MRI show osteoarthritis and degenerative disc disease, along with possible narrowing of canal in L5/S1. Ruptured (‘herniated’ ‘with protrusion’, etc) Disc at L5-S1. and at L4-L5. Also problems with both sacroiliac joints.

In 2016 my pain medication was cut severely and I’ve an incredibly hard time getting by since. Since 2017 I’ve been getting surgical procedures which are extremely painful and the promised relief will be temporary.

So. There’s the abridged version of what’s been many years of pain and struggle dealing with the situation I have.

I’m grateful for your participation in reading this, most likely you were forwarded here during a chat. Welcome to my blog. 


– DJ Colonel Corn, 9th of August, 2014, 0844 UTC –

Updated 22nd of January 2018 Mon



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